Silicon Boat for Vertical Furnace

Silicon Boat for Vertical Furnace


  • Wafer Size : 150mm, 200mm and 300mm

  Available Process:

  • Dry Ox, Wet Ox, Annealing


  • 850℃ to 1250℃ Atmospheric




   Advantages of Si-Boat

      Reduced defect density and particle counts leading to yield improvement

  • Using silicon vs quartz or SiC
  • Using mono crystal vs poly crystal silicon (no CVD growing defects )
  • Sophisticated rod designLess overlap rod to wafer

      Lower metal contamination

  • No metal impurities in silicon as in quartz or SiC

      No slip lines or crystal damages

  • No friction caused by identical thermal expansion of boat and wafer
  • No warp of the boat as it uses quartz material for high-temperature process

      Savings during processing

  • Increased tool uptime compared to quartz and SiC boats
  • Less cost of cleaning and maintenance
  • Repairable and customizable