Silicon Boat for Vertical Furnace

Silicon Boat for Vertical Furnace


  • Wafer Size : 150mm, 200mm and 300mm

  Available Process:

  • Dry Ox, Wet Ox, Annealing


  • 850℃ to 1250℃ Atmospheric




   Advantages of Si-Boat

  • Reduced Defect Density and Particle Counts Leading to Yield Improvement
  • Using Silicon vs Quartz or SiC
  • Using Mono Crystal vs Poly Crystal Silicon ( No CVD Growing Defects )
  • Sophisticated Rod Design
  • Less Overlap Rod to Wafer 


  • Lower Metal Contamination Proven
  • No Metal Impurities in Silicon as in Quartz or SiC


  • No Slip Lines or Crystal Damages
  • No Friction Caused from ldentical Thermal Expansion of Boat and Wafer 
  • No Warp of the Boat as it is Known by Using Quartz Material for High-Temperature Process


  • Savings during Processing
  • Increased Tool Uptime Compared to Quartz and SiC boats
  • Less Cost of Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Repairable and Customizable