MV Multi-Trap

MV Multi-Trap


  High Capacity, High Efficiency Vacuum inlet or Exhaust Trap

  • Protects oil-sealed vacuum pumps and dry vacuum pumps
  • Remove corrosive and abrasive particles that can destroy your vacuum pump
  • Processes such as LPCVD, PECVD, ALD, MOCVD, Metal Etch and HVPE
  • Modular design makes the unit easier to disassemble and clean
  • Element replacement is fast and easy
  • Water or refrigerant cooling option is available


       MULTI-TRAP® configuation
  • Stage 1 knocks down heavy particles and some condensables
    • Cooling coils remove more condensables and lowers the gas temperature
    • Stage 2 cartridge elements make the first filtering pass
    • Stage 3 elements remove finer particles
    • Gas exits


  Vacuum Filter Elements for all Processes and Systems

  • Multiple vacuum filter media choices for different applications
  • Easy changing vacuum filter cartridges
  • Easily upgrade your traps as your needs change
  • Save valuable time not breaking down your entire vacuum system to change elements