Company Profile

Company Profile

Founded in 1991, Feedback Technology is headquartered and operates its main manufacturing facilities in Hsinchu City's Xiangshan District. The company is capitalized at NTD 4.79 million and has a workforce of 370 employees. In 2022, the revenue reached NTD 1.99 billion. Mr. Zongfeng Wu, our founder and chairman, has previously worked at Korner, the largest semiconductor equipment distributor at the time, where he was a supervisor responsible for semiconductor equipment installation, process, and maintenance, making him a pioneer in semiconductor equipment application in Taiwan. Feedback Technology is committed to the localization of key semiconductor components. Through technical cooperation with academia and international partners, we have built local manufacturing technology and competitiveness, becoming a core collaborative manufacturer for international semiconductor equipment manufacturers in both production and supply chain management.

As a leader in the semiconductor equipment key component industry, Feedback Technology is known for its high-quality, diversified, and responsive products that meet customer demands efficiently. Feedback Technology is the first domestic supplier to successfully mass-produce special key components for ion implanters, and is also the largest global supplier of key parts for semiconductor ion implanters, making us a leading supplier for front-end semiconductor process equipment. Our key components are supplied to major semiconductor equipment suppliers and professional wafer foundries globally, as well as advanced semiconductor process equipment.

Our current site, completed in 2008, consists of buildings A and B (6,200 square meters), with building C added in 2011 (6,000 square meters), and building D completed in 2021 (7,100 square meters), housing approximately 270 CNC and surface coating equipment units. We actively invest in vertical integration of semiconductor equipment and custom semiconductor machine part manufacturing, as well as equipment module integration solutions, providing our customers with various process solutions and product components. Our operations are headquartered in Hsinchu, and we aim to keep our high-value R&D and manufacturing production rooted in Taiwan. Through our technical expertise and market-leading position in specific areas, we build the brand value of Feedback Technology.



Main Business Coverage

Semiconductor, LCD, LED, medical and aerospace

Office Location

Head Office:Hsinchu City, Taiwan
South Office:Tainan City, Taiwan
China Office: Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing

Factory Location

Shiang Shan Site: Hsinchu City, Taiwan
Nanjing Manufacturing center: Nanjing, China