Machining Equipment

The machining equipment includes German DMG, Japanese MAZAK, Japanese OKUMA, Taiwanese YCM, and other processing machines, including lathes, milling machines, turning-milling centers, 5-axis machines, 4.5-axis machines, electrical discharge machining (EDM), wire cutting, sawing machines, grinding machines, cylindrical grinding machines, and mirror polishing equipment.

Materials: Various aluminum alloys, stainless steel (SUS), carbon fiber, chromium, titanium, nickel, silicon, silicon carbide, ceramics, and other specified materials.

Accuracy Requirements: Based on past experience, the flatness requirement is 0.01mm, parallelism requirement is 0.02mm, straightness requirement, perpendicularity requirement is 0.02mm, positional accuracy requirement is 0.02mm, angularity requirement is 0.05, circular runout requirement is 0.03, and roundness requirement is 0.05, among other geometric tolerances.

Surface Roughness Requirement: Currently, the experience-based surface roughness requirement is Ra <0.1μm.

Cleaning Equipment

 Feedback Technology  has a semiconductor-grade Class 10,000 clean room facility. Products are subjected to various processes such as soap washing, deionized water rinsing, acid cleaning, ultrasonic agitation, high-temperature drying, and finally, they are directly vacuum-packaged according to requirements.

Surface Treatment


Surface treatment: Common electroless nickel, primary color anode, black anode, colored anode, hard anodized treatment, hard chrome plating, passivation, chromate film, optical coating, sandblasting, grinding, diamond coating, etc. Special surface treatment technology.

Quality system certification (authentication): Obtained quality management system certification ISO9001:2008, aerospace industry AS 9100 and medical equipment quality ISO 13485 certification.

Inspection equipment (quality assurance): 3D measuring instrument, 2.5D projection measurement, profiler, spectrometer, height gauge, electron microscope, optical microscope, hardness tester, surface roughness tester, marble countertop, block gauge, plug gauge, Ring gauges, tooth gauges, and vernier calipers meet customer product accuracy requirements and are verified.

Packaging (package): clean room grade vacuum packaging.

Application industry (application): semiconductor, LCD, TFT, Solar, optics, inspection machine, panel, optoelectronic equipment, fixture, mold, etc.

Assembly requirements (assembly): Various braces, pins, product assembly, and complete machine assembly requirements.

Leak test requirements (leak test) Leak test requirements for processed products, ex helium leak test 1x10-9 (HELIUM LEAK TEST).

Welding requirements (welding): professional welding room, vacuum brazing, soft welding, laser welding, electron beam welding, argon welding.